Our Ponies

Flash  our Miniature

Flash is our miniature pony, he loves kids and birthday parties.

He’s part of our family and has been since he was a baby although flash is tiny  he’s actually fully grown and mature at the age of 10.

Visiting parties is his favorite thing to do, as he is very sociable.

The children can enjoy a pony led ride, brushing and braiding his hair, feeding and playing games with him.

Flash is also known for jumping  insane heights , he will happily provide a jumping display at parties or major events.

All our parties are tailor made to suit our customers and pricing may vary, give us a call and we will happily chat with what we can provide.



Twinkle Our Unicorn

Twinkle is our fabulous white friendly unicorn, shes 12 years of age and is my daughters show pony, when she’s not showing shes attending extra special  events wowing people with her pure white mane, tail, coat and life like horn!

She loves to pose for photo-shoots, we arrange in the summer months, ask for more information on this, shes happy to do most jobs.